Date: 2016-present
Client: US Department of Energy
Work: Podcast art, illustration, social media graphics, podcast co-hosting and co-production


Did you know… the US Department of Energy has a podcast called Direct Current? It covers everything energy, from the science of oil-soaking sponges to 3D-printed cars to biofuels to everything Stranger Things got wrong about the DOE (and some things they got right).

Direct Current won the 2018 Adobe Creativity in Government award for Best Podcast, andĀ even Bill Gates seems to think it’s pretty keen (thanks for the shoutout, Mr. Gates!).

In addition to creating original artwork for every episode since 2016, I co-hosted this award-winning, informative, funny, entertaining podcast alongside our team’s brilliant content specialist Matt Dozier. If you’re dying to know what I sound like, head over to and give it a listen (and a rating; those are great too).


Nuclear Energy: Fact, Fiction, Future

Dune: The Neutrinos Must Flow

Direct Current 1

Direct Current 2

Direct Current 3

Direct Current 4

Women in Power: The C3E Story

Direct Current 5

Direct Current 6

Direct Current 7

Direct Current 9

Direct Current 10

Direct Current 11

Direct Current Poster Art