Date: 2014
Client: Camp Eat and Beat
Work: Branding, logo design, portojohn advertising, event planning, cooking, hitting, emergency medical triage (for real)


So I have another set of wonderful friends who also do weird things at parties. Not Mischief — a different set. They know each other. Anyway…

Camp Eat and Beat is a group of crazy kids who go to festivals, set up a ridiculous portable kitchen, cook and give away a mess of of deep fried, fatty, decadent food, then hit each other in a homemade torch-lit arena with foam bats.

And they needed a logo!







The first/last time I camped with these guys I helped them put together a few music-themed food/drink happy hours. Scramble On (which combined brunch and Led Zeppelin, because those things are perfect) featured Robert Plantains, A Chili’s Last Stand, with the Slaw Remains the Same. I made a bunch of stickers (“stickers” in the sense that they were taped on for easy removal; leave no trace, kids!) for placement in the porto-johns, because what else are you gonna do in there.




I made other stickers too, combining the general high-level concepts of eating and beating.  Which also went in the porto-johns.




Ask me about the medical triage. It involves a golf cart and 72 hours of the finest emergency room chairs Delaware has to offer!