Date: 2012-2015
Volunteer Organization: The FIGMENT Project
Work: Social media fundraising images, map design


FIGMENT DC is a free interactive art festival that catalyzes and celebrates an abundance of creativity and passion, challenging artists and our communities to find new ways to create, share, think, and dream.

The FIGMENT project (started and headquartered in NYC but with participating cities all over the US and around the world) is entirely volunteer-run, meaning every single person who organizes, promotes, plans, and brings art is doing it for free.

I love this event because it inspires true human connection unhindered by corporate sponsorship or financial incentive. I joined FIGMENT DC on its inaugural launch in 2012; even before I created my own interactive project for it, I was inspired by the sheer punk attitude of “for the community, by the community” and was happy to be part of the grassroots effort to make art free again. I don’t have an abundance of free time (who does?) but when I have it, I give it to projects like this.

Oh, and this is classified under ‘branding’ not because I designed the brand (I do not have that honor) but for representing the existing brand in our city-specific outreach.









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