Date: 2007-2011 (selected)
Client: Give Productions
Work: Logo design, event flyer design (postcard size)


TRANSIT is a weekly Wednesday dance party and networking event for DJs and other characters in the DC underground music scene. Give Productions started TRANSIT in the spring of 2004 to bring a taste of downtown nightlife to the suburbs, and to provide a platform for new and up-and-coming DJs to show their skills. “Mass Transit” is a showcase party held on the weekends.

The Back to School Breaks party didn’t have a name until I suggested that one. I suggested it not just because it was at the end of summer but because I knew, somewhere out there in the internet, there would be an online repository for the specific types of stickers I used to collect in grade school that I wanted to use in the flyer design. I’m talking about the puffy stickers, the scratch and sniff stickers, the TV-show related stickers, the ones covered in glitter. I eventually found that repository, and it was glorious. I only wish I had more space than a 4×6 postcard to show them all.

The design for the Mass Transit 21 flyer below was a specific homage to Todd Baldwin from Airline Industries, who made the iconic DC rave flyers for Buzz at Nation nightclub. Holding those flyers was what first launched me into design in the summer of 2001.