Cultural Tourism DC’s Neighborhood Heritage Trails are the official walking trails of Washington, DC. Each self-guided walking trail sign combines stories, historic photos, and maps exploring the unique hidden history of DC’s neighborhoods.

My favorite part of putting together this heritage trail was going out and photographing the statue of General Logan that appears on the upper right of each sign as a trail marker. When I went out to shoot him I walked about 8 blocks in the middle of the summer. I could have taken the bus, but walking that stretch of 14th street was something I often did just for the pleasure of people- and art-watching. It was a good day for it. And when I finally arrived at the statue (soaked through with sweat) there was a family at the fountain with small kids shrieking and dancing in the center of the square.

My second favorite part is putting together the sign near the P Street Whole Foods that described how the neighborhood banded together to deal with its pesky and largely unregulated prostitution problem (for which that part of the neighborhood was nationally famous in the 1970s and 1980s). One technique was publicly shaming the usually out-of-town johns by plastering their car with huge day-glo pink stickers while they were predisposed indoors. I got to hold and scan one of these stickers — which was in pristine condition — and it glowed bright and loud.

Neighborhood stories aren’t all cute.

“Smartly Designed” Logan Circle Heritage Trail, 16 signs, 2013. Photo editing, photography, sign layout, art direction.