Date: 2017
Client: US Department of Energy
Work: T shirt design


If you recall, the 2017 eclipse was kind of a big deal. While I was designing the infographic showing which of DOE’s National Labs would be in the eclipse’s path of totality, my team and I continually remarked how Path of Totality would be an excellent band name.

Then this happened.

Dude is 100% not wearing the right kind of glasses to see the eclipse. Note he is NOT looking at the sun, okay?


It started off as my own little joke, but when I shared the design with my colleagues, they were totally on board. We shared it on our @energy insta accounts (PS: you should follow us!) as a fun companion piece to the infographic. And though we never made these shirts — people did ask — I was just happy they let me do this.

Never let anyone tell you government is boring.