One of my obsessions is time travel. I love the conceptĀ and almost all works of fiction that incorporate it. So the idea of a Time Travel Ball ushering usĀ into a historically important year (2015: the year we all use fax machines as our primary communication tool) totally tickled me. I was all too happy to take onĀ the project of designing the invitation.

While conceptualizing, I decided to incorporate the idea of “artifacts.” I first came across theĀ term in The Philosophy of Time Travel, a fictional book written by the fictional character Roberta Sparrow,Ā featured in the filmĀ Donnie Darko. The book wasĀ mentioned in theĀ movieĀ but never fully explored,Ā unless you googled around for it, which of course I did.

Roughly, artifacts areĀ objects that disrupt time themselves, or around which the events of time decay. A good example is the Tardis in Dr. Who, the flux capacitor in Back to the Future, the airplane engine (and to a lesser extent the bunny) in Donnie Darko. I incorporated a few of these Artifacts in the design of the teaser card. It was subtle, but good time travelers know to look for the details.