Date: 2014
Client: Impact Marketing + Communications/HRSA/HHS
Work: Layout and infographic design


Every year, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program reaches over 500,000 individuals who lack the insurance and financial resources to pay for care or who also may not have the social and familial support that is essential for coping with a debilitating and stigmatized disease, such as HIV/AIDS.

The Ryan White Progress Reports are published every other year to document the successes and challenges of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. The reports include information about an evolving epidemic, data on client demographics, programs, services, as well as individual stories of Ryan White clients whose lives have been affected by the disease.

One thing I really enjoyed about this report was the opportunity to showcase the fantastic photography that we captured on our site visits to tell the life-saving stories of these grantees. Vastly preferable to using stock photography!