Every March, the US Department of Energy runs a blog series on historical women in STEM as part of Women’s History Month.

In 2017, I suggested we switch it up a bit and not only feature the colorful illustrations in the blog, but include all the raw sketches bound together as a coloring book at the end of the month. This way our science-curious public and STEM educators could download, color, and enjoy the stories of these incredible women long after Women’s History Month was over.

I’m gonna quote myself here:

The women we highlighted … overcame significant racial and gender-based discrimination in their struggle to carve their own way in fields largely closed to women — civil engineering, mathematics, genetics, and more. I have been honored to illustrate the portraits of these women and shine a vibrant light on their stories.

You know you love to color. Get it!


Historical Women in STEM - Ruby Hirose

Historical Women in STEM - Nora Stanton Blatch Barney

Historical Women in STEM - Evelyn Boyd Granville

Historical Women in STEM - Hedy Lamarr

Historical Women in STEM - Barbara McClintock

Historical Women in STEM - Book Layout

Digital illustration and layout. 2017.